Woodpecker Endo Free- Brushless Endodontic Motor

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    Endo Free Cordless Endodontic Motor


    Endo Free from Woodpecker is a cordless and brushless endodontic motor with 360° rotation ideal for use with both rotary and reciprocating endo file systems.

    The Endo Free Motor is a 360° rotatable cordless handpiece with a 6:1 Contra Angle to support maximum visibility and accuracy.  

    Endo Free features a premium brushless motor delivering low heat, low noise, and a service life span that is 10 times longer than a brush motor.  

    Pair the Endo Free with the Woodpex V Apex Locator for ultimate visibility of the canal using the LCD display.

    With a dynamic speed range of 100-1500 rpm, and a Torque of 0.4-4.2N.cm., the Endo Free from Woodpecker offers 4 working modes, including a reciprocating mode, making it the perfect instrument for both general dentists and endodontists that desire a lightweight endo motor.



    • Speed: 100rpm-1500rpm.
    • Torque: 0.4N.Cm-4.2N.Cm.
    • Weight: 106.8g (handpiece & contra-angle).
    • Contra-angle head height: 9.7mm.
    • Contra-angle head diameter: 8mm.
    • Neck diameter: 6mm.
    • Low wear, low heat and longer service life.
    • Brushless motors provide approximately 10 times the service life of brush motors.
    • Adjustable reciprocating angle with 10° Interval.
    • Adjustable range of forward reverse reciprocating angle: 20°-400°.
    • 6:1 mini contra-angle delivers broader operation field.
    • 4 working modes for safer and more efficient preparation.
    • Forward Rotation Mode.
    • Reverse Rotation Mode.
    • Reciprocating Mode.
    • ATR Mode.
    • Can be connected to an Apex Locator.
    • Warranty: 24 months for unit and handpiece, 12 months for contra angle.


    • EndoFree Handpiece.
    • Contra angle 6: 1.
    • Charging base and power adapter.
    • Silicone case.
    • Measurement cable.
    • Clip Files.
    • Instructions and quality certificate.


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