Welcome to our Dental and Medical Supplies Company, a trusted provider in Kuwait for over 34 years. We take pride in offering premium-quality products as an authorized dealer. With an extensive range of over 12,000 products, you’ll find the perfect dental solutions. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, as each product undergoes rigorous international standard checks. We understand the importance of coordination with professionals, and our experienced team provides personalized assistance and expert advice. Choose us as your reliable provider for top-notch products and exceptional service, experiencing convenience and satisfaction.
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  • Wide Product Range: We offer a comprehensive selection of dental and medical supplies, providing you with the convenience of finding all your requirements in one place.

  • Unwavering Quality Assurance: Each product undergoes strict quality checks to ensure superior quality and reliability, giving you confidence in the products you purchase from us.

  • Competitive Pricing: Understanding the significance of competitive pricing, we strive to offer you the best value for your investment, helping you save costs without compromising on quality.

  • Long-term Partnerships: We prioritize building lasting relationships with our clients, providing consistent support throughout our business association, ensuring your satisfaction over time.

  • Financial Flexibility: Our flexible payment options cater to your specific requirements, allowing you to manage your finances effectively while obtaining the products you need.

  • Dedicated Post-sale Support: Our dedicated team goes the extra mile, offering prompt post-sale maintenance and support to address any concerns, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

  • Established Reputation: With over 34 years of experience, we have built a reputable presence in Kuwait, earning the trust of numerous clients in the dental and medical industry.

  • Customer-centric Approach: Our customer-centric approach sets us apart, as we understand your unique needs and provide personalized recommendations to ensure you find the most suitable products.

Reach out to Aryadent Co today to experience the benefits of partnering with us for your dental and medical supply needs.  Info@aryadent.com or call us at +965 2200 8894/95 . For more information, visit our website at www.aryadent.com

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General Manager
Mr. Talal Al Aryan

 A highly experienced professional in medical and pharma supply  With a strong track record, they possess extensive knowledge Medical & Dental    supplies company  operations  

sales Manager
MA. Lourdes Liaquen

 A highly experienced professional in medical and pharma supply with 25 years of expertise. With a strong track record, they possess extensive knowledge in procurement, logistics, and quality control. 

BOIMedical Engineer

Mr. Syed Yusuf

 Services  and maintain medical equipment, devices, and systems, focusing on improving healthcare diagnosis, treatment, and patient care while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

Quality Manager
Mr. Mohammed Johar

Manage medical supplies and equipment procurement, maintain inventory, coordinate with suppliers, ensure timely delivery, and support healthcare facilities in meeting their medical needs efficiently.