WOODPEX V Apex locator

  • Woodpecker PT – A, is an advanced Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polisher: a single solution for polishing, perio prevention and maintenance, the device is characterized by unique ergonomics, high precision, trouble-free maintenance and compliance with the highest hygiene standards and from start to the finish it has been designed for maximum performance and minimal discomfort for both the professional and the patient.

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    WOODPEX V Apex locator

    More stable, stronger anti-interference ability.


    The Woodpex V from Woodpecker is a precise, advanced Apex Locator designed to connect with the Woodpecker Endo Free endodontic motor.  Featuring radiofrequency technology, the Woodpex V allows you to accurately measure when there is residual blood or pulp in the root canal with an accuracy capacity of 98%.

    The Woodpex V also boasts a bright, elegant LCD screen, and an automatic calibration system that allows for more accurate measurements.

    • Measurement of pulpitis, pulp necrosis, periapical periodontitis and tooth length. Measurement of the tooth length before restoration of post crown. Measurement of the tooth length of transplantation and retransplantation. More than accurate.
    • Newly upgraded algorithm makes it more stable and enables stronger anti-interference ability. 
    • Multi-frequency apical position technology guarantees accurate measuring even if there is blood or residual pulp in the root canal.
    • Measurement results will not be affected by the tooth type;
    • Apical stop setting;

    Packaging: Main Unit 1; Measuring wire 1; File clip 4; Measuring file 2; Adapter 1; Tester 1


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