Woodpecker Minipex Apex Locator

  • Woodpecker PT – A, is an advanced Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polisher: a single solution for polishing, perio prevention and maintenance, the device is characterized by unique ergonomics, high precision, trouble-free maintenance and compliance with the highest hygiene standards and from start to the finish it has been designed for maximum performance and minimal discomfort for both the professional and the patient.

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    • Small but powerful
    • Light but Powerful
    • 100% automatic digital calibration,with no decrease in measurement accuracy
    • Light body together with stable performance
    • Clinical data Fitting
    • Measurement accuracy up to 97.71%
    • Update chip,real-time response, double sensibility
    • Innovation algorithm, intelligent anti-interference
    • 2.4″ LCD Screen
    • Clear interface, see only at a glance
    • Various colors,segment dispay the trace of touch probe in root canal
    • Soft color,Light distribution with no glare, comfortable vision
    • Surface design
    • IMD mold injection shell,avoiding scratch, resistant to wipe
    • Multi frequency independent network measuring technique
    • Alarm rings when the distance between root canal needle and root canal is less than 2 mm

    Technical Data :-

    • Weight: 71g
    • Dimension: 70mm X 62mm X 20mm
    • Battery: 3.7V/mAh
    • Power consumption:? 0.5W


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