TOR VM All Proxy Cut System

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    TOR VM All Proxy Cut System 1.369

    № 1.370 Do-All Proxicut System

    saw blades №1.384(1) – 12 pcs.,
    coarse diamond strips №1.385С1 – 12 pcs.,
    medium diamond strips №1.385M1 – 12 pcs.,
    fine diamond strips №1.385F1 – 12 pcs.,
    holder with key №1.369 – 1 pc.,
    handle № 1.109 – 1 pc

    How to use

    How to operate do-all Proxicut system
    holder № 1.369 & blade (strip)
    1) Rotate screw handle 1 to move legs of the holder
    so that the distance between outer sides of holder
    legs becomes equal to the length of the blade (strip)

    2) Insert the blade (strip) in gripes 2 of the holder legs
    and tighten gripes with key

    3) Rotate screw handle 1 to tighten the blade(strip)
    between holder legs

    4)Insert firmly pin 4 of the holder in a handle №1.107,
    №1.109 or any other handpiece of EVE type providing
    to-and-fro motion if necessary

    • Manufacture: TOR VM
    • Made In Russia


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