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  • A.C.E

    Prevest DenPro A.C.E Ceramic Repair Kit Comprehensive set for intraoral repairs of ceramic and composite restorations. The entire set is ergonomically arranged and enables you to work from left to right. Due to its outstanding high bonding values, this system is a reliable assistant in inconvenient situations. All the components are available separately. INDICATIONS –…

  • Fusion Nanocoat

    Prevest DenPro Fusion Nanocoat Light Cured Protective Varnish Fusion Nano Coat is a revolutionary, light cured, protective coating which effectively seals the surface to create smooth and glossy surface on the glass ionomer and composite restorations. It can also be used to polish areas such as posterior fissures or interproximal areas of indirect composite restorations…

  • Polirapid Suprema Round Brushes, 1 Row, ø 50 mm

    With extra stiff Chungking bristles, one row, and plastic hub.
    external ø 50 mm
    hub ø 25 mm
    12 pcs.